What is pre-Autism?


Throughout our lives we maintain approximately 100 billion neurons or cells in our brains. In the first year of our lives the neurons form about 15,000 synapses or connections and by the end of the second year will have formed over 1,000 trillion connections. It is these connections that make the brain of a two year old four times heavier than that of a newborn baby. As our brains are gradually wired up we develop our own unique individual personalities. By the age of three the brain has developed the platform that will shape the way that we think and behave for the rest of our lives.

By using the term ‘Pre-Autism’, ipAn emphasises the importance of intervening in those first three years of life if there are the early signs of autism. At that age there may be the greatest chance to positively affect the infant’s development. Parents, too, may be helped to better understand their developing child, with her or his own unique sensibilities and personal characteristics.

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