Early signs

Children develop at different rates and with their own unique, developing personality. Sometimes, though, parents get a sense that something is not right with their child’s development.

The following are some of the areas to think about when observing your child. Remember, every child may show one or more of these characteristics at some time. What might be of more concern is a child who is developing to consistently show a group of these characteristics.

What to look out for in their social interaction

  • Being unresponsive to your voice or to their own name
  • Not smiling at you when they see you
  • Not making eye contact
  • “Pulling back” when you lift them up
  • Preferring to play alone or with objects rather than play with other children

What to look out for in their behaviour

  • Sleeping excessively for their age
  • Seeming too subdued
  • Seeming too stiff or floppy
  • Being obsessed with certain objects
  • Becoming overwhelmed by certain sounds and noises
  • Not liking to be laid on their stomachs

What to look out for in their communication

  • Not babbling or making typical baby noises
  • Repeating a sound over and over again
  • Being excessively irritable or fussy

Watch your child carefully over a period of time. If you remain worried, then do contact your doctor or paediatric professional for advice. The most important thing is for you, the parent, to trust yourself.

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