Take time to watch your baby

If you are worried about your baby, then that is a time to look carefully, to practice the skills of observation. When you are looking at your baby think about how you would describe your child’s personality to others.

Think about what they like and dislike. Do they like noise or silence, or a particular kind of music? Try out different types of music to see if they find any of them irritating or soothing.

Watch to see if there is a particular toy that they are attached to.

What do they do or how do they interact with you when you are on the phone, or busy around the house?

Would you say that they behave differently from your other children or friends’ children? In what way?

Do they like to be bathed or changed into clothes?

Do they like to eat? How would you describe the speed of their eating and do they enjoy the attention you pay them during?

Make sure you keep a record of everything you are observing, especially as it will enable you to notice any changes. As you get to know your baby better your fears may subside.

If your instincts are still telling you to be worried…

Then do seek professional advice.

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