La Nounou Childminders choose ipAn as their charity of the year

La Nounou, a bilingual nursery based in London specializing in communication and development of language in both French and English, has selected the Charity ipAn as its charity of the year. Alexandra Albery, La Nounou’s Founder and Manager commented:

“Our target for 2014 is to consider the emotional development of the child. In the UK autism is not formally diagnosed until the age of at least two and a half and I have tried many times in the past to alert or find contacts to help babies and their parents so it was really interesting to attend last October a conference on ‘Catch it when you can : early signs and treatment of autism’ sponsored by the charity. I was impressed with the work done by the charity and hope our support will help them grow their activities and increase awareness that early intervention can make a real difference. At the same time it is important to develop a sense of community in our children and we plan a series of exciting events during the year”

Mike Reardon ipAn’s Interim Chief Executive commented:

“The Charity is currently sponsoring research into identifying the early risk of autism; raising awareness through conferences/workshops on early signs and treatment of autism; and raising funds to help children, as well as their families, whom would not otherwise receive help. We are therefore delighted that La Nounou has chosen to support us this year and I look forward to working closely with Alexandra to make sure that her events are well supported and enjoyable”

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