Kind Strangers

Kind Strangers is ipAn’s fundraising scheme. We are raising funds to help pay for treatment as part of our commitment to children with mental health problems.

We are delighted that Melanie Sykes has agreed to become one of our Kind Strangers. Melanie is well known as a television presenter and model. Over 10 million viewers saw her come third in the fourteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Melanie’s commitment to ipAn’s work is very much appreciated.


Our first Kind Strangers campaign is on behalf of Harriet. Harriet is 2 ½ years old and is showing the early signs of autism.

Over the past year Harriet’s development has gone into reverse. She used to be able to open drawers, sit and read books, bring her shoes and coat to her Mum and Dad, but now she is unable to do any of these. Harriet has no speech and so she cannot communicate any of her needs. She flaps her hands when she gets excited.

Harriet has been diagnosed with the early signs of autism.

It used to be thought that autism could not be treated, but we now know that some children with this condition do respond well to treatment. The younger the child is, the more likely it is that they can be helped and in some cases do well enough to lose the diagnosis altogether.

Harriet is at an ideal age to receive treatment. An intensive intervention now may make all the difference for her future life. Harriet’s parents are fundraising so that a team of therapists can be assembled for Harriet’s treatment.

kind strangerswidth150You can join Melanie Sykes in being a Kind Stranger to Harriet and make a donation towards the cost of her treatment. To become a Kind Stranger, just visit Harriet’s JustGiving campaign page.

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