The earlier that the signs of autism are noticed in a child, the earlier that help can start to be given. We help to raise awareness of autism and its early signs through this website and by sponsoring conferences and weekend workshops.

The workshops are delivered by the School of Infant Mental Health. Topics covered in 2013 have included:

Better outcomes

Catch It When You Can: Early Signs and Treatment of Autism – London October 26th and 27th 2013
A two day event looking at the early signs of autism and at effective early interventions.


Better Outcomes in Parent Infant Attachment: Reading Messages from the Baby– London June 15th 2013
A workshop looking at communication between the mother and infant, considering issues such as the role of oxytocin and the microanalysis of gestures


“A través de sus ojos”: Entendiendo y trabajando con niños en el espectro autista – Palma de Mallorca April 20th 2013
Un curso práctico para padres y profesionales para comprender y ser capaz de ayudar a un mejor desarrollo emocional y cognitivo de los niños con conductas autistas.

For details of future events, please visit the website of the School of Infant Mental Health.

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