Caring for the health of your baby

The International Pre-Autistic Network dedicates its work to giving families hope for a brighter future, a future where children can reach their full potential.

Over 7,000 children are diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder each year in the UK. These children can be given a better start in life if their condition is recognised earlier, so that they can receive expert help at a younger age.  For that reason we use the term ‘Pre-Autism’ – we encourage awareness, research and treatment of this condition at the earliest possible age.

For an infant who shows the initial signs of autism, early intervention offers a chance to positively support her or his development at a crucial age. The first three years of life see an explosive growth in the formation of synapses, the wiring of the brain. By encouraging awareness of the early signs of autism, research into early diagnosis and treatment at a young age, we work towards our aim of seeing every child reaching their full potential, regardless of their special needs.

We recognise that parents are our essential partners in meeting this aim. An infant’s parents know their own child and often sense something is wrong long before the experts. We want to support parents in giving voice to their concern about those early signs.

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